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Football Holiday Camps in Bracknell | Fine Tune Your Football Skills at our Academy

At The Soccer Academy, we are all about improving your all-round game. The influence of Total Football and the ever-increasing emphasis on team play demands players to be as versatile as possible. Naturally, personal football training and one-on-one football training focus on more specific areas because we tailor courses and sessions to suit your levels and goals. Even in this football coaching style, we as a football academy keep the wider team picture in mind.

Player adaptability is key in our coaching, including our personal football training sessions and the football holiday camps held in Bracknell and the neighbouring areas. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our academy.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s not always easy to keep your game sharp and improve play away from school, club and football academy environments. Ahead of joining us at The Soccer Academy, here are some drills for one-player situations in the garden or at a local park in Bracknell:

Cone Drills

Even with minimal space available, touch, close control and speed can all be worked on and improved with just a ball and the standard football coaching staple, cones. A good warm-up routine before using the ball is to place several cones in a straight line spread about five yards apart, run to each one individually and return to the first cone each time.

Rest and repeat up to half a dozen times to set yourself up for running with the ball. This is a common personal football training routine often used at football holiday camps.

With the cones arranged the same way, weave the ball between each space to perform a standard dribbling exercise, mixing it up by alternating which foot you use to control the ball.

Additionally, by adding square and triangular shapes to drills, you can upgrade a one-on-one football training session into a group activity.

Wall Passing

In addition to the simple routine of continuously passing to a wall, throwing the ball against the wall and receiving it back aerially can help improve coordination and touch. Again, whether the ball is coming back to you on the floor or in the air, rotate which foot is receiving the ball to improve control and first touch.

This is something that anybody can do outside of a controlled environment, such as a football academy or a personal football training session.

Beyond Football Coaching

At our football academy, we believe playing our sport is way more fun for young players in Bracknell than ordinary exercise. It certainly ticks many boxes in one go, improving your fitness and wellbeing across key areas, including:

The Soccer Academy strives for a healthy balance of learning, playing and enjoying the beautiful game. From personal and one-on-one football training through to our football holiday camps, we host football coaching sessions and courses throughout Bracknell and the nearby areas.

Call 07957 382088 to secure your booking with The Soccer Academy. We hold personal football training and holiday camps in Bracknell.