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Football Coaching in Lightwater, Bracknell and Surrey | Personal and Group Training for Children

Led by former professional player, manager and coach, Garry Haylock, our FA and UEFA Licensed team of coaches specialises in personal, one-on-one and group-based football training. In addition to this, we run football holiday camps, girls football coaching centres and have held PE sessions across primary schools covering Hounslow, Bracknell, Lightwater and the surrounding areas. Please visit our gallery to see our coaches at work.

Our experience of coaching children aged between 5 and 11 in a variety of environments allows us to tailor all courses and sessions to the needs and requirements of the individual or the group. We adopt this approach regardless of whether they are starting out, looking to make further progress or take their game to a higher level.

Following the FA syllabus and four corner model (technical/tactical, psychological, social, physical), we ensure courses and sessions are frequently refreshed to reflect the latest coaching guidance and updates. In tandem with our experience, passion and positivity, this lays the foundation for us to deliver quality, meaningful and enjoyable training and coaching.

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Benefits of Group Coaching

In addition to our personal football coaching and one-on-one football training, we work with small groups. Establishing the collective aim and ambition of the group, we devise an action plan with clear targets and objectives. We create a culture that harnesses team spirit, camaraderie and healthy competition which, in a group of like-minded, similarly aged children attending sessions in Hounslow, Bracknell, Lightwater and the nearby areas, can really accelerate learning.

Group work further develops and enhances what has been learned in solo or personal coaching situations. We expand drills and routines to closely resemble real match scenarios, and young players can better gauge the progress they are making playing with and against their peers.

Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

Young children may find themselves in one of the following categories as they make their footballing journeys and, at The Soccer Academy, we help you improve across all levels.

Starting Out

Our coaches put beginners to the game at ease, introducing the footballing fundamentals in an environment full of encouragement and positivity. We put together exciting exercises and games to develop agility, coordination and ball control, bringing those elements along further by achieving basic commands of the following skills:

  • Defending

  • Dribbling

  • Passing

  • Shooting

Fun is always at the heart of our football coaching, and this is especially true when we are working with youngsters at the very beginning of their footballing journeys.

Further Progress

The focus here is with children who have a grip of the basics and carry the desire to push their game further, perhaps alongside making significant progress in school or with a local club. We further develop skills and knowledge of the game, honing in on confidence with the ball and playing more creatively. We fine tune technique and explore tactical areas and positioning in more detail.

It is at this stage that accountability comes to the fore as we relay the importance of self-awareness, players assessing their own strengths and weaknesses, and taking a proactive, practical approach to finding resolutions.

Higher Level

For children harbouring ambitions to play at a higher level or with aspirations to become involved with elite academies, our coaches can help them remain on track. Coaching at this stage revolves around challenging and nurturing players with serious potential, bringing along that sense of awareness in the game, and running drills and routines of higher intensity. Reading of the game, tactical awareness, resilience and playing with flair are heightened as we continue to fine tune technical elements with the ball.

The most important aspect of a child’s journey with The Soccer Academy, at whichever level they are at and want to get to, is that they have fun.

We can host football coaching from one of our locations, or we can travel and conduct coaching at your home or at an agreed facility in Hounslow, Bracknell, Lightwater or anywhere in Surrey.

Call 07957 382088 to find out more about our football academy. We hold football coaching in Bracknell, Lightwater and all surrounding areas.