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Personal Football Training in Lightwater | Preparation for Football Coaching

At The Soccer Academy, we firmly believe in the mantra ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. To make the most of your time with our football academy, be it in personal football training, one-on-one football training or football holiday camps held in Lightwater or around Surrey; we always recommend preparing well to gain the most from our sessions, fulfil your potential and, most importantly, enjoy yourself.

The principles below are just as important to young players as they are to seasoned professionals and, with the right mindset and preparation, who knows how far you can go? Football coaching is just as much about lifestyle as it is playing.

Eat, Sleep, Play and Repeat

Sports science has become a vital aspect of the modern game. While specialist expertise and technology may be needed to truly understand it, getting the basics right and establishing good habits early on can take you a long way. Diet and hydration are key to what you will achieve through a personal football training regime.

Ahead of playing any sport, maintaining a healthy, balanced diet before, during and after is key. Carefully consider intake of carbohydrates, quantity of food and allowing time for meals to settle before engaging in any sessions or courses. Regularly drinking water and staying hydrated is very important, with six to eight 150ml glasses a daily recommendation for children.

We strongly encourage everyone to bring a water bottle with them each day when attending group or one-on-one football training sessions, or football holiday camps in Lightwater, with the coaches at our football academy.

Not getting enough sleep can have a detrimental effect on mood and performance at a football coaching session. As well as tiredness and fatigue creeping in earlier than you would like, a lack of rest can shorten concentration, lower CV ability and weaken your strength. Giving your body a routine with the same bedtime each night and aiming for at least eight hours sleep is the recommended rest preparation not just for taking on sporting activity but for daily lifestyle too.

Be A Good Kitman

Look the part to play your part. Always be sure to have the following kit ready and good to go:

Across our locations in Lightwater and the surrounding areas, the playing surface may vary between grass, AstroTurf and 3G pitches, so our football academy coaches will always advise on the most appropriate footwear before one-on-one football training or football holiday camps. T-shirts, shorts, tracksuit bottoms or football kits should always be of comfortable fitting and, in the colder months, a waterproof or winter tracksuit is recommended.

Hoodies and jeans are not advised!

Save yourself wasting unnecessary time and stress first thing in the morning by preparing and packing your kit for football coaching the night before.

Start As You Mean to Go On

Our coaches can advise best practice, teach you skills and encourage good behaviours, but attitude comes from you. Across our football coaching, personal football training and football holiday camps, we pride ourselves on creating a positive environment and want everybody to thrive.

At our football academy, it’s all about learning and development, so never worry about making a mistake or having a difficult moment in a drill or game. Friends and peers will all go through similar challenges, so let’s always be willing to help and support each other.

And don’t be afraid to play with a smile on your face!

Covering Lightwater and Surrey, we can host personal football training from one of our many locations. Alternatively, we can travel and conduct football coaching or one-on-one football training at your home or at an agreed facility.

Call 07957 382088 to arrange personal football training with The Soccer Academy. We hold football coaching in Lightwater and all surrounding areas.