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Personal Football Training in Bracknell, Lightwater and the Surrounding Areas | Individual and Group Coaching for Children

At The Soccer Academy, we love the personal touch. In addition to our one-on-one football training, we provide coaching for individuals or small groups of children eager to advance their game outside of their schools or local clubs. Our FA and UEFA Pro License coaches have delivered personal football training across Hounslow, Bracknell, Lightwater and the neighbouring counties since 2015. All are highly regarded for developing and improving young football players in a safe, nurturing and positive environment. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our football academy.

Away from the one-size-fits-all approach suited to larger group training and clubs, our coaches can hone in on specific elements to improve your game and build confidence. Individual areas needing adjustment can often be overlooked during standard group drills and routines, risking the continuation of potentially bad habits. With personal football training, our coaches can quickly identify what requires fine tuning and what should be done differently.

This prevents the risk of unnecessary repetition.

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Keeping It Personal

Regardless of whether you are just starting out, looking to continue the progress you have already made or aspire to play at a higher youth level, our football academy covers all bases. Our experienced coaches have worked with children of all ages and abilities, so they will be able to structure a bespoke programme that combines who the individual is with exactly what they want to achieve.

This can be achieved in a one-on-one situation or within a small, shared group of friends or peers from Hounslow, Bracknell, Lightwater or the surrounding areas.

You may have a desire to improve individual aspects of your own game, which can include a focus on:

Additionally, you may look to develop your all-round game. Areas we cover in this regard can include:

We identify the learning style and speed best suited to you or your small group collectively. Our drills, demos and exercises are always well planned, ensuring simplicity, clear meaning and positivity are at the forefront.

Another real advantage of personal football training, which can again be overlooked in larger groups, is the mental and psychological side of the game. Our coaches will use their experiences to share their advice and guide you. Through setting goals and targets and providing regular feedback, we work towards children inhabiting a positive, can-do attitude, boosting their self-esteem and resilience, as well as improving their self-awareness and critical thinking skills.

Developing these characteristics will be beneficial to a child not only across football and sport in general, but as they grow into the wider academic and social world as well.

The most important aspect of a child’s journey with The Soccer Academy is that they have fun. We can host personal football training from one of our locations, or we can travel and conduct coaching at your home or at an agreed facility within Hounslow, Bracknell, Lightwater or any of the surrounding areas.

Call 07957 382088 to find out more about our football academy. We hold personal football training in Bracknell, Lightwater and all surrounding areas.